AViES is a company that provides advanced and innovative technology solutions to the aerospace industry. By integrating our national and global resources into our system solutions, we respond to the demanding requirements of the defence, aerospace and space industries for qualified products.

As AViES, we are pioneering the development and production of national technologies in the aerospace sector with the understanding of “National Power, Global Solution”. Our main goals are to be competitive in national and international markets with the national technology products we develop for these sectors, and to bring a breath of fresh air to the sector.

Our projects reflect our innovative approach to the industry. AViES stands out in the aerospace industry for its agile product design processes and cost-effective solutions. With our innovative and cost-effective solutions, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand in the aerospace industry.

As AViES, we aim to lead the industry, meet national defence needs and provide effective solutions in global markets. With our technological products and projects, we are shaping the future of the aerospace industry at home and abroad. As well as contributing to our nation’s defence and aerospace capabilities with our national technologies, we also strengthen our presence on the world stage with our global solutions.