Military Applications

AViES is a pioneer in the design, development and production of national technological systems that form the core of the defence, aerospace and space industries. Drawing on its team’s many years of experience in hardware and system design, the company focuses on avionics, electro-optic and electro-mechanical designs and systems, and integrates domestic and global resources to develop high-tech products that meet the industry’s needs.

Our corporate identity is shaped by the philosophy of “National Power, Global Solution” and aims to strengthen our dominance in the sector with national technology products designed and manufactured with domestic facilities for the defence, aerospace and space industries. As AViES, we are working to meet national defence needs through our unique business model, contributing to the indigenisation process while offering innovative solutions in global markets.

Our projects stand out in the industry with our “Strength in Defence, Innovation in Technology” approach and we aim to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry by increasing our global competitiveness in aerospace and defence electronics with our agile product design processes and cost effective approaches. Our experience in aerospace, electronic and electromechanical system design to DO-160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, DO-254, IPC, ARP-4754, ARP-4761, EASA, FAA, etc. enables us to provide system solutions for many different product families, from mission computers to flight control computers, from handheld and control units to NVIS-compliant panels, from display systems to data acquisition and switching units, from turret control units to slip rings.

With 16+ years of experience in aeronautical, electronic, electro-optical and electro-mechanical design and systems, 20+ years of experience in the design of various avionics and military products, 15+ years of experience in the design and production of slip ring systems and 100+ years of experience in the design of avionics, electro-optical system hardware, which our team has gained over the years in major defence industry projects with the aim of “Technology for Peace”, we are strengthening our position in the sector day by day.